Rizoma.uy is an open design platform hosting projects from Uruguay and other countries in the area. The aim of the platform is to promote the open design format in the area and to make public a series of objects and tools that have been developed for local needs, therefore all contents are in Spanish language. This is a non-profit initiative. Rizoma.uy is a virtual space for knowledge exchange and collaboration. If you want to have access to the open design projects’ details, comment, create new projects or contact the projects’ authors you need to become a member of the community and a log-in. However, the whole process is only available in Spanish. Our aim is to provide a space of co-creation and exchange, but all information is created and shared by the community. The team behind the platform is not responsible for the open design projects’ content and we are not able to answer questions about the objects themselves. All members of the team behind Rizoma.uy are Uruguayan industrial designers enthousiastic about open design and design for do-it-yourself, we all studied at EUCD, FADU, UdelaR: Irene Maldini, Alejandro Ledesma, Cecilia Silva, Analia Corcino y Rodrigo Rodriguez. This platform was developed in 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay, through a cultural funds funds.